Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

Hi Everyone!

It's time once again for our weekly GH chatter session. What a whirlwind week in Port Charles! It's hard to believe that it's not even sweeps month yet. Apparently, sweeps month isn't actually until next month. Not sure how they're going to top the bioxtoxin leaking exploding hospital storyline; but I'm sure GH won't let us down!
So, here we go. Here are a few of my favorite stand out moments and as always a couple of frustrations as well. What were your favorite moments?

--I can't get over how different Rebecca is from Emily. Very intriguing indeed.
--Cannot, cannot believe Luke STILL doesn't know about the fire. He's a major player on the canvas of the show and he should have been involved, at least somehow. I wonder if that was a writers decision or if AG didn't want to be involved in it.
--I really liked the scene with Patrick and Sonny at the hospital. I thought it was good and very heartfelt.
--Did you notice how quick Robin was to pass of Emma to her Daddy for feeding? She's definitely not cured.
--I was quite happy to see Spinelli survive the hospital catastrophe. I thought the reunion scene with Maxie was quite sweet.
--Glad to see Edward without a hat.
--Good laugh out scene with Jax and Carly in the elevator
--I was happy to see Diane and Max together again
--Kudos to GH for promoting heart healthy month.
--Loved the Max and Carly/Jax bedroom scenes!
--I wonder how many times Max can say "Campbell's heart healthy" in a sentence.
--Is it just me, or is Kate starting to turn into the uninvited guest that just won't go away?

Here's what I've heard around the net this week. What have you heard lately?

--NASCAR's Jeff Burton will appear on an upcoming episode in March. He will be playing himself and will be interacting with Patrick. Check out this article for more information.
--Yes, Michael will be waking up. Not sure when yet, though.
--Yes, Kristina is being aged, no casting news as of yet.
--Bruce Weitz (Anthony) is leaving GH; but not before he takes Claudia hostage.
--Claire Coffee (Nadine) is also leaving; but she has already been cast in an upcoming ABC medical comedy.
--Tracy takes a liking to Ethan
--Robin's PPD storyline continues into March in a very prominent way.
--Rumor is that Rebecca is an undercover FBI agent.
--We've not heard the last of the Equinox Corporation. Don't forget that the Nikolas and the Cassadines still hold the patent (Aunt Rayline's machine) that they want.
--There are some skeletons in Agent Raynor's closet.
--JASAM or Liason??
--Check out Soaps in Depth
to post a question for Maurice Benard.
--Finally, Jason and Sonny work out a deal and work together again.
--Look for Maxie's dream episodes to begin next Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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