Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

Well, I'm back as promised with this week's edition of GH chatter. I'm actually getting ready to head out the door for dinner with the family soon, so I'm going to have be quick and to the point here....

Ok, so what have I liked and disliked this week?

First, the hospital crisis has definitely been entertaining!
I'm glad to see that Sonny and Jason may finally be heading back to some sort of shaky friendship.
So glad to see Olivia throw that DVD in the fire. I was really tired of hearing about it.
So Emily is now Rebecca? Can't wait to see how that plays out. Wouldn't it be weird if she fell for Jason? Although I've heard a little rumor that she actually develops eyes for Lucky.
Wonder where Anthony is?
Can't say I'm sad to see Trevor fall off the building.
Wonder if Luke is ever going to find out his entire family almost died!
I was so happy to see Robin finally pick up Emma and comfort her. My patience with her was beginning to run thin.
Did you see the Lucky/Liz kiss?

What have I heard around the net lately? Not much really...

Maxie will have a dream about what would have happened if she had died instead of BJ. (See today's picture)
The hospital as we know it, is gone forever. Look for a completely revamped hospital set to be revealed sometime in April.
Be sure to check out General Hospital Happenings (link on right) for a behind the scenes interview with Tyler Christopher (Nikolas)
GH has put out a casting call for a 16 year old dark haired beauty. Wonder if they are getting ready to age Kristina?

I'm almost done with my card for Beate's weekend sketch. I promise to post it tomorrow. Have a great night!

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Molly B said...

Oh this is so much fun. I have to show Jordan. She is gonna love it. -Molly B

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