Monday, May 5, 2008

Something unexpected

Last week I had the opportunity to reconnect with someone that I had lost touch with about 10 years ago. She and I were extremely close during high school and were roommates in college our freshman year. Eventually though differing interests, majors and career potentials took us each on a different path and, as I said, we lost touch. Well, through a series of emails we were finally able to talk to each other. It was so wonderful to be able to hear about what was going on in her life. Her family, children, career etc; and it was nice to be able to tell her about all the things that had happened in my life. So this weekend, I decided to make a card for her to send to her. (pictured to the right) I hope that when she gets it she is pleasantly surprised. I hope we are able to stay in touch now that we know how to find one another. So, today I encourage you to find a way to reconnect with someone you've lost touch with; someone who held great meaning in your life. Then do something nice for them, stamp a card and get it in the mail today. They'll be happy you did.
Quick General Hospital chat. I am watching Friday's episode this morning on soap net. Was just blown away by Carly's conversation with Elizabeth. Never would I have thought that Carly could be so humble and apologetic, especially with Elizabeth. I've said it time and again, I think that LW is really proving her weight in gold with this storyline.
Also, what is up with Kirsten Storms(Maxie) being so skinny? I'd heard a rumor not too long ago that GH was teetering on doing an eating disorder storyline. Will it be Maxie? Let's just hope it isn't fiction mirroring true-life.
Have a great day!

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Nancy said...

I'm so thrilled you were able to connect with your friend again!
The same thing has happened to me with a once very close friend. Life happens and we just lost touch.

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