Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a recipe and GH news

Good morning everyone!

It's recipe Thursday! Today's recipe is from Rachael Ray and it's Country Captain Chicken. It's a good one-skillet meal with lots of yummy flavors. Don't leave out the raisins, they plump up when they're cooked and add a very unique sweet flavor to the dish.
Before we get to the recipe however, lets chat about GH. Well, I didn't think he'd actually do it; but Sonny actually signed away the Mob and Michael and Morgan. It'll be interesting to see what he does now. I wonder if this means that Jason's going to start wearing suits! I wonder also how Elizabeth is going to react when she finds out about his new position. I'm also liking the scenes with Claudia and Nikolas. I think they are an interesting match. I think TPTB however, are leaning towards a pairing of him and Nadine, which is good also; but I don't think as interesting. BTW, if you've not visited the "Claudia Zachara" facebook page, check it out. Sarah Brown who plays Claudia does operate the page and she does post messages and interacts with the fans. Rumor has it that Ingo Rademacher who plays Jax is looking to pare down his on screen time because he's expecting his first child and wants to stay home more. I'm also curious to see who will be playing Leyla's mother this summer. I think there's definitely a mystery with that girl! Yes, I think the summer in PC is going to be full of surprises! I found this video on you tube this morning. It's really cool, lots of recent and old clips from GH. The song is perfect too. I hope you like it. It does have a couple of splotchy spots in it. I think there's a bit of problem with the embedding feature. Just wait, it'll keep playing.
As you can see, I didn't post a card today. Was feeling a bit uninspired yesterday. I really, really need some new stamps!! I'm thinking about branching out a bit from SU. I've seen a lot of really neat work with other stamps lately, so....
I do plan to do some work today, and will try to post some things later. If not, I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day and as always, thanks for visiting with me!

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