Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catching up over coffee

Good morning everyone! Well, since I didn't have a chance to post yesterday, I thought I'd catch up over coffee this morning. Since Tyler, my oldest son, woke up around 3:30 this morning because he was scared of the dark (and I didn't go back to sleep)I think I might need a LOT of coffee this morning!
So what's going on in my world? Let's see. Monday afternoon, my daughter Reagan wiped out on her motorized scooter and now has a banged up knee, hand and face. On Sunday afternoon, Tyler learned that it is not a good idea to where goggles while doing the slip n' slide and has the semi-black eye to prove it. Jonathan has been injury free and has used the potty three times! Yea!
I completed three projects and have posted them here for you to see. The fruit stand card was for Monday's SCS try a new technique challenge: Embossing and watercoloring. The Time Well Spent card was for the SCS color challenge using Pumpkin Pie, Soft Sky and Ruby Red. Finally the Simply Said card was for Beate's Be-inspired Challenge.
I hope you like them.
What's going on in Port Charles? Well, it seems as though there's a little bit of couple swapping going on...Carly and wait Carly and Sonny. Kate and Sonny or is that going to be Kate and Jax? Could it be that PC's notorious mob boss is going to be looking for another form of employment? Apparently Sonny is going to tell Carly he will step down as the Don of PC to keep being Michael and Morgan's father. Carly wants Sonny to give up his rights so that Jax can adopt them. What would he do?
Wonder what Jason will do? I doubt he'll take over the head position. I think that Michael's shooting put the writing on the wall that it's time for the mob to make a fast exit out of PC. A while back there was rumor spinning around that Robert Scorpio was going to come back and that Jason and Lucky were going to go work for him. Mmmm, interesting prospect.
Have a great day everyone. I'm off to get more coffee!

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