Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

Hi Again Everyone!

I'm back again with another edition of GH chatter. I hope that you all enjoy these weekly posts. So, what were my stand out moments this week...

1. I like the chemistry between Maxie and Matt. They were good on DOOL together and I'm glad to see that GH is picking up on that as well.
2. Glad to see that Johnny is trying to make an honest living. Too bad I really don't think it's going to last.
3. I'm confused about the DVD. Is the one in Sonny's study that everyone keeps seeing the one that Claudia is looking for or is that one she's already seen and just misplaced?
4. I thought the scene with Sonny and Johnny was good. I wonder if they are grooming Johnny to be Sonny's next "Jason"
5. Wonder who Winnie is talking to on the phone?
6. Who is Leyla's new love? I hear it's Agent Raynor.
7. Rebecca definitely is different from Emily. Can't wait to see everyone' reaction to her when they finally see her.
8. I don't normally side with Carly; but Robin's little tirade was a bit of the top yesterday,

What did you like or dislike? I would love to know!

So, now what's the buzz for the week?
1. Apparently it will be Carly (of all people) who will come out strong for Robin not to ignore her PPD systems and for Patrick to get her the help she needs.
2. What shocking discovery does Spinelli make?
3. A new character, Ethan,(played by Nathan Parsons, pictured here with Anthony Geary)will have strong ties to the Spencer family, past and present.

4.Claire Coffee "Nadine" has been put on recurring status. Look for her to fade away from the canvas.
5. Look for Liz and Lucky to grow closer together due to hospital tragedy.
6. The "Michael" rumors are still running rampant out there as well. Many say there are too many plot points surrounding him right now for him not to wake up. No official word, however.
7. GH fan fave Vanessa Marcil(ex-Brenda) is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of "Without a Trace" in multiple episodes beginning in March.
8. ABC is now airing full episodes of GH online.
9. There's a rumor that Kate is leaving; but will tell Sonny about Dante before she leaves.

Have a great week everyone and make sure to tune in next week as the hospital crisis gets into full swing! Thanks once again to GHOFS for the picture and to the WUBS site as well.

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Kelly Schelske said...

I am so far behind on GH that I think it wouls be liek a totally new show for me!! One of these days I'll have to get back into it as I used to love it!!

}, 10)