Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It's time once again for our weekly edition of GH chatter. Lots going on this week in Port Charles, so let's get started. We will begin, as always, with the IMHO section (In my Humble Opinion.) These are things that I liked, disliked, may have found curious, fantastic or even disturbing. Remember, that I welcome your comments and thoughts on what I post here. Instead of a picture this week, I'm uploading a video promo for the big hospital crisis. Enjoy and don't forget to watch GH!

1. Spinelli: adore him, always have, always will. Winnifred: not so much!
2. Really liked the scene with Robin and Sonny and Emma. Glad that GH has kept that friendship real and pure throughout the years.
3. I like the reality of the PPD storyline they are beginning with Robin.
4. Thought the conversation with Sonny and Patrick about Michael was heart-wrenching and honest.
5. Kudos to the show for having Lucky and Liz talk about taxes. Way to keep it real!
6. Interesting dilemma Jason will face. Who will he choose to save, Spinelli or Sonny?
7. Jax and Olivia flirting is ok; but I wouldn't trade Jax and Carly for Jax and Olivia
8. Glad to see Luke sticking around had actually sort of acting like a Dad. How about a couple of scenes with Luke and Cameron and Jake? After all, as far as he knows, Jake is his grandson.
9. Now that Diane has resigned as Sonny's attorney, I wonder who his new one will be. I think it should be a man this time, change it up a bit.

Newsflash: Scoops and Buzz I've heard this week from various places around the internet, magazines and tv.

1. Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) has publicly expressed interest and says she's in talks with GH to try to work out a way to come back to the show. Even if only for a limited run.
2. Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily) will be playing a new character "Rebecca"; but her uncanny resemblence to Emily will not be lost on Nikolas.
3. Big...huge hospital crisis begins Jan 15 and will continue through February sweeps.
4. Lot of talk about Michael lately. Could that mean something? Insider scoops are saying possibly...maybe during the spring.
5. Expect a casting announcement for Dante by the end of the month.
6. Kate finds out about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. How will she handle it?
7. Sonny and Luke team up to help Johnny.

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