Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday GH Chatter.

TGIF Everyone!

Time for another weekly edition of GH chatter. You can tell that sweeps are definitely around the corner because things are definitely heating up around Port Charles. There were lots of fantastic moments for me this week and even a couple that made me want to slap a few people. So, without further ado, here we go. As always comments and thoughts are encouraged! (I posted a card today as well. It's in the post directly below this one.)
1. I was thrilled that Carly chose Jax instead of running off to help Jason and Sonny. I think perhaps maybe after all this time, the girl is finally starting to learn.
2. So, Claudia is snooping around in Sonny's bedroom. Wonder if he still has those black satin sheets?
3. Loved the beginning of Thursday's episode. This hospital catastrophe storyline is going to be a great!
4. I am glad Sonny and Luke are getting more screen time together.
5. Could Sonny be any meaner to Spinelli? That whole scene really made my blood boil!
6. I wonder if there will be more to the story of Nadine's boyfriend who died in Iraq.
7.Glad to see Tracy has finally admitted that she can't live without Luke. They are a great couple together and one of my favorites on the show.
8. Couldn't help but laugh during the scene between Jason and Maxie when she came to see him about Spinelli.
9. Did you catch the reference to the "upcoming administration" during Nikolas and Nadine's conversation after their testimony to the Senators. Once again, kudos for keeping it real.
10. For someone who doesn't want anything to do with Sonny, Kate sure is quick to tell Claudia how much Sonny loves her and not Claudia.
Now for the newsflash: Scoops and Rumblings from around the internet that I've read throughout the last week.
1. Robin's PPD storyline is going to last for a while and may result in Emma being placed in danger.
2.Look for Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms on an upcoming episode of "The Bachelor" when they show the ladies the fine art of on-screen kissing.
3.The Equinox corporation is linked to the biotoxin that will be released in the hospital.
4. Why does Lulu need surgery?
5. Natalia Livingston's new character Rebecca is expected to be flirty with Matt.
6. Sam hatches a plan to go undercover in the Z family.
7. Robin tangles with Carly.
8. Spinelli's hacking days aren't over yet.
9. See the last of yesterday's episode that was pre-empted for the plane crash story here.
10. Don't forget GH will be pre-empted Tuesday for the inaugauration

Thanks once again to the GHOFS blog for the picture.

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