Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday GH Chatter

Hi Everyone!

I decided in efforts to keep my promise to include more GH news in my posting that I will post GH news each week on Fridays. I'm always surprised by the number of people who watch GH; but for some reason, don't tell anyone! It's ok...really! I will be structuring the post in two sections: IMHO, and Newsflashes. The first part IMHO, will simply be my humble opinion about things that have happened during that week. You are more than welcome to comment to agree or disagree. In fact, you are encouraged. I would love to hear what you all think. The second section will be where I will fill you in on any juicy gossip or news/spoilers that I've heard during that week. So, for all my GH friends, make sure and stop by each Friday. You never know what you might find out.
So, here goes:

IMHO: Week of Dec 9-Dec 12.

1. That kiss Sonny gave Claudia after their wedding....WOWZER!! Wonder if SB was surprised by that or if they rehearsed it that way.
2. Wonder if Sam saving Jake is going to open a door for Jason and Sam to get back together? This is not necessarily a good thing for those of us who are die-hard Liason fans.
3. I got all choked up when Sam gave Jake to Jason after she rescued him. I swear, SB is the best male crier on daytime TV.
4. Nikolas and Nadine are great together and I hope that the writers continue to do things with them. It is great to see a lighter side to Nikolas and see him as part of a "real world" like Nadine's farm.
5. Glad to see Maxie and Lulu as roommates. I think it will put a bit of spark back into their friendship. I don't necessarily like it when they're enemies; but I also don't like the "goody goody" friendship either.
6. Does anyone know if something happened to John Ingle's (Edward) head? He always seems to have a hat on. Mmm, will have to do some checking about this.
7. Glad to see Mac getting a bit of screen time. I wish the writers would give him an actual storyline. I think John J. York is very underrated and underused on the show.
8. It's a wonder that Luke's liver is still functioning! Can you say "alcoholic"?
9. I miss Max and Diane and the guaranteed laugh their scenes always brought.
10. If Jason and Sam get back together does that mean that Lucky and Elizabeth will as well?
11. Ric and Claudia or Sonny and Claudia? So confusing...


1. Jason will be offered an interesting proposition.
2. Claudia isn't quite ready to jump into Sonny's bed again
3. Nikolas continues to support Nadine through her family tragedy.
4. Tristan Rogers will reprise is role as Robert Scorpio to walk Robin down the aisle at the "Scrubs" second wedding.
5. Jerry Jacks...(yes!)
6.Liason out, JaSam in...rumor has it.
7. Kate on her way out of PC? Could be...
8. Fans love Olivia.
9. The casting of Dante continues with David Lago (ex-Raul Y&R) thought to be the front runner
10. It appears as though Vanessa Marcil will most definitely not be returning as Brenda anytime in the near future.

Happy watching everyone! Also, want to let everyone know that the pictures for today's post come from the GH Official Fan Site blog

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog! I came here from Kristina's challenge because I love SU!, but then I noticed the GH stuff and I'm so glad I did! It doesn't air here in Australia anymore and I am so very disappointed about that. It's good to hear about some of my favourite characters!