Friday, December 19, 2008

GH Chatter Friday

Hi Everyone!

Well, it's time for another edition of the weekly GH chatter. It's been a good week in Port Charles, so let's get started with my humble opinions for the week.


--Interesting conversation between Claudia and Sonny about when Carly and Sonny first met. Since the conversation was between Sarah Brown and Maurice Benard.
--Glad to see that Luke and Lucky have had the obligatory father/son conversation.
--Wonder if the FBI deal for Jason is truly a done deal. Will they find the leverage they need to entice him into turning on Sonny
--Loved the Luke and Sonny scene on Tuesday. AG and MB are so good together, I wish they had more time together.
--What exactly was the point of Jason going to see Sonny after the FBI came to see him? The fact that Jason didn't tell Sonny indicates to me that he's gonna keep that tucked in his back pocket for the time being.
--Love Patrick and Robin with Emma and the "She's too Quiet" (Be careful what you wish for right?)
--Luke's hospital shenanigan made for a good laugh especially between him and Epiphany.
--Good scene with Alexis and Sonny. I really wish they were friends again. I miss their humor together.
--Love, love, love that Carly let Sonny see Morgan!!

Ok, so now on to the Newsflash for this week:

--Natalia Livingston (ex Emily) is indeed returning to GH. Who she's playing and what she's doing has yet to be revealed.
--Jax will visit Lady Jane for Christmas (Ingo's on vacation)
--Schedule notes:
Dec 24:Encore of Luke's Dream Eppy
Dec 25: Preempted
--Liason has officially come to an end. The producers have split them up, much to the surprise of Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst and disappointment of many fans. (myself included)

So, that's all for this week. I'm sure there's ton more news and gossip out there; but I've had a busy day packing. I will be out of town for the Christmas holidays so no GH chatter for a couple of weeks. Be sure to check out the other blogs and sites to find out more scoop on our favorite soap. This week's picture comes again courtesy of the GH Offical Fan Site.

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