Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Wonder of Bubbles!

Is there anything more delightful than watching a child discover the magic of blowing bubbles? Of course, it's always made more comical by the one that tries to eat the bubble wand instead of trying to blow the bubbles! It's amazing how much entertainment can be found in that 99 cent bottle of soap and water. Here I have shared a scrapbooking layout of a day last summer with the three men in my life having some bubble fun. I love the way that Jonathan is trying answer the question, "Can you catch a bubble?" If you are toying with the idea of starting a scrapbook, let this page be your inspiration. Scrapbooking is a wonderful and exciting way to preserve memories for future generations; and it sure beats the shoe box method that most people have!

So, what is new in the world of General Hospital? First let's continue with our discussion of the VM rumor. Will she come back and if so, will it be only to aid in MB's exit? That's quite the dilemma, don't you think? I would love to see her come back. I've always been a fan of her, both on GH and LV. Still, I don't think I'm quite ready to let go of Sonny. I do know that the more I see of Sonny and Kate, the less I like the two of them together. As a matter of fact, there's nobody right now that I really like Sonny with. I think GH reached the epitome with that with Sarah Brown (as Carly, not Claudia) and Tamara Braun (as Carly) ***side note*** am enjoying TB on Days. I like LW's "Carly" with Jax and hope they continue with that relationship. So we will definitely have to keep an eye on that rumor.
There's also discussion as of late to a possible eating disorder storyline for one of the youngsters. Maxie, maybe? Perhaps as she delves further into the fashion world? Finally I leave the GH discussion with one question for you to ponder...Who exactly are Spinelli's parents?

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