Monday, April 28, 2008

Not enough hours in a Monday

Good Monday Afternoon!

Oh my Goodness, I certainly do wish there were more time in a day. I have so much to do to prepare for my Mystery Hostess Party tomorrow evening. Hence the short entry for today. The little one is napping right now, which should give me about an hour and a half to finish prepping materials and putting guest packets together. Sometimes I think I'm organized to the point of being detrimental to myself. Oh well, too late to change the stripes now, I suppose. I put up a slide show of some recent items I've made and also some pictures from my daughter's birthday "not birthday" party this past weekend. She really did have a great time and I was glad we went ahead and did it. At least now when her birthday comes in August she won't feel like she just has to share it with her brother. The most amazing part of the day for her, I'm sure was receiving her new iPod Shuffle. Have you seen those things? Totally cool and unbelievably tiny. I've already put in my official request for one for Mother's Day. She was only supposed to get something small because after all, this really wasn't her birthday. It's the last time I send Daddy to the store for something small!

Have a great day everyone and I promise to write more tomorrow!


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