Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Favorite GH video

I am currently working on cards and projects for Stampin Up ; so unfortunately I don't have anything to upload at the moment to show you. I thought, therefore that we chat a little GH today. I have to say that I am about over the Michael thing. He's going to go away. We all know that Dylan Cash has been let go in order to age the character. I think that knowing that has taken away some of the excitement of the story. I really would have preferred that TPTB would have kept that under wraps a bit better and let us wonder for a while whether or not he was going to live or die. It always adds a bit of mystery I think when the audience has to wonder about death ; especially the death of a child. It would have been even more nerve-wracking to wonder weather or not daytime television would kill a child due to an act of violence. Still, I do continue to give Kudos to Laura Wright for her emotionally wrought and outstanding performance during this storyline. She is playing it as a mother and that makes it completely genuine. She must be exhausted at the end of the day! I also love, love the storyline with Max and Diane. Too hilarious these two are. I laughed so hard yesterday when Max told Sonny in his most business like voice that yes, he was sleeping with Kate and that it was the best sex of his life!! It is nice to see that GH is adding a bit of comedic flair because often times Port Charles is a dark place.
Much work to do today, so that's all for today everyone. I have added a you tube video of my all time favorite General Hospital montage. Even if you don't watch GH, you'd have to agree, it totally rocks! No wonder it's had more than 19,000 views on you tube.

Have a great day!

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