Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who they really are.

Good morning friends,

I choose to begin today's blog where I left off yesterday, chatting about my children. I have realized as of late that I am beginning to see them more as individuals, each with his or her own personality and characteristics instead of always thinking, she gets that from me or he gets that from his Daddy. My daughter, Reagan is tender, compassionate and carefree. She loves life and is thoughtful and silly all at the same time. More than once in the past week she has declared me the "best mom in the whole world." A title I'm not entirely convinced I'm worthy of, but was music to my ears. My son Tyler is tough as nails, energetic and determined. He loves to learn new things and then spends days afterwards begging to do it over and over, and of course by himself. Finally, Jonathan; my little Jon-Jon Owen, "sweeter than a pecan pie" is what I always tell him. He is independent, comedic and a creature of habit. He knows what he likes and likes what he likes. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that the only piece of meat I can get him to eat is hot dogs...and not just any hot dogs, "Hebrew National" hot dogs. I marvel at each one of them and sometimes I can hardly wait to see how these personality traits will shape them as adults. Then again, I don't want them growing up too fast.

Scrapbooking and stamping news. I updated my website yesterday with two new cards. Check them out and have a go at them. Remember creativity is born from creativity. Stamping is not about being artistic or having a degree in graphic arts. It is about creating something and then giving that something to someone. Ask anybody you know and they will tell you that they prefer to get something handmade over something store bought. So go ahead, brighten someones day.

GH news tomorrow...


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