Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good morning all,

Let's start the day talking about GH, shall we? If you are new to the blog, GH stands for General Hospital, the best daytime serial on television (In my humble opinion!!)
First off, am loving, loving this storyline with Michael, although I hate the fact that Dylan Cash is going to be leaving us. Very talented little actor; he'll go far I have no doubt. Also kudos to Laura Wright for her portrayal of Carly during all of this. Could you not feel the hatred and rage on Friday when she slapped Sonny OMG!! Being a huge, huge Liason fan I am a bit miffed that once again my favorite couple seems to be headed back to the "We love each other, but we can't...so let's just sneak around" story again. I say that and then I hear rumors of them getting married, so who knows. Also, who didn't laugh out loud when Alexis caught Diane and Max in the horizontal tango on Sonny's couch?!!
Anybody heard the VM (Vanessa Marcil "Brenda") rumor? Since LV was cancelled, rumor has it that GH is trying to lure miss Marcil back to the GH fold. How would that story play out? Well, the most popular rumor to date is that she's going to be the exit storyline for MB (Maurice Benard "Sonny") if he opts out of his contract in August. Too many mixed feelings about that (good blog topic for tomorrow)
Last GH topic: If you've not seen "Claudia Zacharra's" facebook page, check it out. Sarah Brown does actually go on and post things on her wall and puts pictures etc. I have really enjoyed navigating around it.
On to stamping and scrapbooking news. After stealing everyone elses ideas for the past 6 months, I finally decided to donate to the cause and registered at splitcoaststampers. com. Check out my gallery there under RTJmom. I posted a very cool tissue box calendar (all my own idea, I might add) as well as some cards as well. There is also a link to my Stampin Up website. I hope to be posting some more things later on.
Mommy news: I have observed lately that my 3 year old son, thinks that if he screams, at the top of his lungs, "Jon-Jon, (nickname for my 2 yr old) you're OK!" after he's done something mean to his little brother, that somehow that's supposed to make Jon-Jon feel better. Hasn't quite worked out yet for him, though!

Cheers to all for now,

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