Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Morning Coffee Cafe

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to the Coffee Cafe, a weekly post where I share recipes, crafts and parenting tips and articles that I have found that have captured my attention through out the week. As always, I have 4 recipes to share, 3 crafts, 2 parenting articles and 1 quote or pretty picture to wrap it all up.

Ready? Great! Grab your coffee or beverage of choice, and let's see what the interweb offered up this week!


1. Mini Garlic Cheeseburger Sliders. These look like the perfect party food! I love the fact that special attention is paid to the bun in this recipe rather than just the meat. I also like the tip of putting the meat between plastic wrap and rolling out with a rolling pin to get an even thickness.

2. 18 Pasta Recipes You'll Ultimately Love: This collection of pasta recipe is sure to come in handy for any weeknight meal! I especially liked the Loaded Baked Gnocchi. (Pictured here) I can't wait to try this one. Which ones would you try?

3. Caramel Praline Sheet Cake: Can we just talk about this cake for a moment, please?! There is so much yummy goodness going on in this cake, my mouth is watering just looking at it! THIS cake is a must try for sure!

4. Country Sausage Gravy: The other night I made some buttermilk biscuits to go with our dinner. We all have a go to recipe for biscuits. I was specifically looking for a recipe using buttermilk because I had left over buttermilk from making donuts last weekend and I needed to find a use for it before it went bad. I used this recipe ""Freezer Buttermilk Biscuits"  Anyhow, my daughter suggested  (while eating her biscuit) that I  make biscuits and gravy. Good idea! I looked around and found this recipe from Jason over at Country Recipe Book. It sounds easy and yummy! I would try to make it with turkey sausage since we don't eat pork.


1. These yarn wrapped monogram letters ook super easy to do and they are adorable! The possibilities are endless!

2.  I love the color combination of this beautiful card by Crafty Person and the big yellow flower is a great focal point! She has another great card in the same post with this one as well. You should go check it out!

3.  If you're a crafter like me, you probably have a whole tub of buttons that you use for various projects.  I know I have a ton! I have far more than I could ever use, that's for sure! This craft button tree  over at Crafts by Amanda is a fantastic way to use up some of those buttons! This is also a fun way to get the kids involved in doing some crafting as well.


1. If you have a teenage daughter, go read this article 31 Life Lessons for our Teenage Daughters Some are simple and obvious; and others are not as obvious, although they should be!

2. Sometimes it's hard to find motivation as a Stay at home mom. It's easy to get bogged down in what everyone else is trying to pull out of you, that we sometimes forget we matter as individuals too. This article over at Fabuless Wife has some great tips for staying motivated and happy in the day to day activities of ruling the world as "Domestic Goddess"

Finally, a pretty picture to wrap it all up for this week! Have a great weekend and I will see you again on Monday with a new card!

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Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing, Dori!

Debbie McNeill - CraftyPerson said...

Awe, thanks for the share. So sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoyed one of our favorite color combinations.