Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Five Simple Ways to Tell your Children they Matter.

In a world where so much of the news is inundated by tragedy, violence and hatred in so many forms, it is easy to overlook the valuable lessons that kind words can teach our children. Sometimes, I think we take for granted that our children know the power of these words, and the impact they can have on not only their present state of mind; but also their future as members of society and even as parents one day themselves.

My husband and I endeavor every day to make sure each of our children hear these five words in some way:

1. I  Love You: Never miss a day without saying it..EVER!

2. I am Proud of You: It's not always about hitting a perfect home run, or making a 100 on a spelling test. Sometimes, it's about the fact that you kept swinging at the ball and didn't give up until you hit it. Or, it's about an Algebra grade that's improved from a C to a B. Little victories matter!! It's about letting your child know they are succeeding in life one step at a time.

3. I Miss You: When my kids get home from school, I make sure to let them know that I missed them while they were away even though they were just at school for a few hours.  I think that matters to them. Everyone likes to know that they fulfill something in the people they love and who love them. Children are no exception.

4. Can I Help You?  In our house, we give help and we ask for help. There's no shame in not being able to do something on your own. In addition, no one is ever too busy to stop for a moment and help when someone needs it. Whether it's helping with dinner, or the dishes. Feeding the dog, building Legos, or studying for a spelling test.

5. Are You Happy?  I fully believe that children want and need to know they bring happiness to your world; and that you, in turn, have a desire to bring happiness to them. It's not enough to assume our children are happy. You must ask and you must tell them.

These are just five simple expressions that work for our family. They are small ways for our children to recognize the importance they each have in making our family complete; and that each matters in his and her own unique way.
it is my hope that the conversations we have around these few sentences will one day help to build bridges to future deeper conversations that may be more difficult to have, such as teenage sex, drinking, relationships and choices about school and careers.

What do you try to tell your children every day?

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Tara Woodruff said...

Great Reminders!! Children Love To Be Interacted with this way. I remember Very well :) Thank you!

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Thank you for joining the Small victories linkup. Please join again.

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