Friday, March 13, 2009

GH Chatter Friday

Hi Everyone!
Once again, it's Friday and time for my weekly scoop, news, and overall opinions both good and bad of all the things happening in Port Charles.
So, what did I like and what made me go "Seriously?"

--Always enjoy scenes with Luke and Sonny. Although I really thought that when Sonny went to talk to Luke that there be perhaps a bit of discussion about Laura. Granted, Michael and Laura's condition are very different...still there are a few similarities there.
--What would Carly do without Jason? I liked the scene with her and Jason where they talked about Michael; but for someone who is normally so strong willed and independent, she has a hard time making decisions.
--I enjoyed the light hearted moments of the week: Angel Maxie vs. Devil Maxie; Tracy thinking Lulu was pregnant and Luke spitting out his drink and Jason telling Spinelli, "Don't hug me!"
--Who's the mystery person that stole the DVD from Sonny's house. Couldn't have been Kate or Claudia and it sure did look like a woman. Olivia maybe?
--Every time Laura Wright does a scene where she talks about Michael, my heart just aches. She plays them so well.
--What's up with the animosity between Lucky and Ethan? Jealousy?
Did you notice that the place in "Manhattan" where Jax and Carly talked about going to Fuji is the same place in "Port Charles" where Liz and Jason used to meet?

Now, what have I heard around the net this week:

--The new Michael has been cast!!!! His name is Drew Garrett. He will first appear on screen in mid April. (He's pictured here today)
--Nickolas asks Sam to investigate Rebecca
--Michael moves a finger (too bad no one notices)
--Jax discovers a secret thanks to Olivia
--Jason wears a wire to a mob meeting
--Helena returns in April!
--Emma Samms (Holly) returns for May sweeps. Rumor has it, she may be Ethan's mother.
--Kristina will be SORASED in May.
--Robin and Patrick continue to clash, especially over Michael's condition
--What will Rebecca do to Ethan when he tries to steal Edward's wallet.
--Don't miss GH on Monday, when NASCAR's Jeff Burton stops by!
--Did you see Maurice Benard on The View yesterday? If you missed it, you can see on or go to YouTube.

Ok, have a great weekend everyone!

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