Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

Hi Again Everyone!

Time for another weekly edition of GH chatter. I apologize for missing last week. I hope that my fellow GH fans enjoy these weekly post; and remember that I welcome any and all comments you may have.
Here are my favorite and some not so favorite scenes from this week.

--I really liked the scenes on the roof with Claudia and Sonny. I think that MB and SB still have great Chemistry and I'm glad to realize that I can watch them without thinking back to the "Carly" days.
--I am glad to see that Sonny and Jason figured out their issues. I did also think that the scene with Max and Sonny where Max told him that some of the men were questioning Sonny's loyalty was good and very realistic as well.
--Well since Lucky and Liz have mutually decided not to reunite, I wonder what will happen next. Especially since it looks as though Sam and Jason may be headed toward a reunion.
--Love the chemistry between Lulu and Ethan!
--The scenes with Emma and Sonny were very sweet.
--I have a feeling that we've definitely not seen the worst as it relates to Robin and the PPD.
--The scene with Luke and Nikolas on the pier reminded me of why Anthony Geary has won so many Emmys!
--Spinelli's heartfelt thanks to Jason for all that he's done for him, was just that---heartfelt.

Ok, so now to dish and chat about what I've heard around the net this week.

--Casting for Michael is in full swing. According to one source, there have been a lot of blondes in and out of the casting room.
--Lots of Rumors floating around about Ethan, including one that he may be Robert's son.
--Robin runs away and kisses someone else.
--Rebecca MAY actually be Emily; but she MAY NOT be. So who exactly is Rebecca? Rumblings and rumors say she may have something to do with the Equinox Corporation.
--Liz becomes close with Rebecca all the while paying careful attention to the pieces of her story that Rebecca shares with her.
--Now that Anthony is gone, PC is in need for another Villian---or Villianess. Rumor has it that Helena will return sometime in April
--Check out the list of Pre-noms for the Daytime Emmy's.
--Possible future triangle with Lucky, Rebecca and Nikolas.
--Ethan and Lucky tangle on the docks over Rebecca
--Robin leaves Emma at Kelly's
--Spinelli meets a woman named Cassandra who enlists Spinelli to help her with her finances and then for more criminal activities.

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