Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick Hello and GH news

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to check in really quick and let you know that I haven't forgotten about everyone. This week has just been super busy for me with day camp for Reagan and getting ready for birthdays this weekend. Of course I could have done some this morning; but I opted to check up on my online tv shows, you know the ones that I always forget about until after they've been on regular tv. Anyhow, I am going to try to do some stamping a bit later this morning and post something for you, so check back this afternoon. I will also post a recipe for today as well. (As soon as I figure out which one I want to share!) Oh, and in case you missed the premiere of GH Night Shift on soap net on Tuesday night, they are showing it again this morning at 10:00am.
Speaking of GH, we can chat about that for a minute this morning. I am still trying to figure out this whole Russian Mob thing. It is obviously a way for the writers to put Sonny back into "the business", which personally I think is a bit sad. I mean it was a perfect opportunity to try to take the character in a different direction, and they completely missed the boat on it. Having said that though, I would prefer that Sonny be the boss and not Jason. Jason just isn't Don material, he really is more suited to the enforcer role.
I'm also leaning towards the conclusion that when Laura returns, it is only going to be in Lulu's mind. I really hope though, that they are not leaning towards having Lulu go through some sort of psychotic break. I hope that it's done as a way for Laura to help Lulu...even though she really can't. And, um...where is Luke? I'm thinking now would be a good time for Daddy Spencer to check in with his offspring. Speaking of disappearing acts, Jax has left the building. Not to worry, however, Mr. Rademacher has not left the show. He and his wife just had a baby and I heard he was just taking a wee bit of personal time; but nothing that would keep him gone for too long. I couldn't help but notice how much Carly kept bring up Jax taking off to Rome to see Brenda...mmmm, could it be?!?

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