Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why I'm not blogging or sharing my creativity anymore...

Hello Everyone,

After a lot of thinking and soul searching I have decided to stop blogging and sharing my crafts. I have come to the realization that I am putting so much work into something that is giving me very little return of my investment.

I am constantly entering craft challenges, uploading to Facebook, Instagram, pinning on Pinterest, sharing on Google etc hoping and hoping for validation of my creativity and work. It's hard to buy materials from my favorite stamp companies such as Simon Says Stamp, Hero Arts, Verve Stamps and more, spend time creating something using those products and if I'm lucky have 2 people comment and tell me they like what I've made. I've never been repinned or "spotted" or "reposted" Does that make me selfish? Maybe...but it's just how I feel. It's hard to be on Pinterest and Instagram and see those companies repinning and reposting so many other creations. I have done the research, I have tried to incorporate all of the strategies I have learned into being a more successful blogger. I have received positive interactions on Google + and I am grateful for that, I truly am. I try to be a reciprocal blogger and comment as well; but it's just become too much of a one way road.
I have come to accept the fact that I'm never going to be a Kristina Werner or a Jennifer McGuire. I'm never going to be asked to be on a design team. I'm never going to turn my passion for creativity into a livelihood and to be honest I'm exhausted trying to chase that dream.
The same is true for parenting and recipe shares. I try to come up with things people will like or want to read and well...the result is always the same. Some recipes I have shared have been popular; and I do appreciate the support. Still, the 3 that have been popular aren't enough to make up for the 50 other ones I worked just as hard on that no one cared about.
Honestly...I'm giving up the blog because I don't think anyone will care if I don't blog anymore; and worrying about it has taken so much of the joy out of just being creative.

I will still paper craft and share my creativity with family and friends and will continue to donate my cards to charity organizations to bring a real life smile to someone, I hope!

I will keep my Perfectly Created Chaos Instagram account open and will upload photos there if and when I want to do so.

For those of you who have supported me...thank you.


Lisa Lynn said...

Dori, I came to look at your beautiful Viva la Verve card, and then I saw this post. I don't know if you think if you buy a lot of stamps or join challenges they ask you to be on the design team. You have to apply for many of them. Lots of them have terms such as 6 months so they are constantly looking for new DT members and you submit samples to the team/owner for review. For example, Incy Wincy is looking right now, http://incywincydesigns.blogspot.com/2015/10/dt-call.html and I know Eureka was looking http://eurekastamps.blogspot.com/2015/09/dt-call.html. You just have to watch for opening and respond and many of them are digital companies instead of rubber stamp companies. I am on 3 DT teams, and they are digital. I find that easier since then I don't have to store stamps, not that I don't buy some from Verve or My Favorite Things once and awhile too. Then I keep my facebook separate and my cards only go on the blog. I am in between jobs right now, but for 2015 I have made 262 cards and I have some for my DT which I haven't posted yet because they are for upcoming challenges. So I have to do lots of commenting on others cards too and looking at their blogs. You have to decide what is important to you since it does take A LOT of time, but my children are in college and my husband passed away. Good luck with your decisions and card making.

Dori Shelton said...

Thank you for your kind words of wisdom. It isn't so much a desire to be on a design team as it is just wanting some more traffic to my blog and honestly a bit of jealousy because I know I'm a good card maker and I see lots of other cards on Instagram and Pinterest and they have hundreds of repins and likes and comments and I just think to myself, "why don't I ever get that kind of response to anything I make?" It's just disheartening to spend hours and hours creating something,photographing it, editing and uploading AND also even more hours visiting other blogs and commenting and entering challenges only to look at my blog stats and see that 10 people saw a post I made...and maybe 1 person decided to leave a kind comment.
I tried to have a bit of variety with my blog to attract other types of audiences and sometimes that has been successful; but it also means that I have even more blog following and commenting to do.
Who knows...I may have a change of heart about all of it. I'm just discouraged at the moment...

Renee B. said...

Hi Dori
First of all, thanks for visiting my blog & your lovely comment on my horse card. I love colouring images for my cards & it is nice when someone appreciates my work.
Secondly, don't give up on blogging! I know exactly how you feel! I visit other blogs & they have hundreds of followers & tons of comments....& yes, I'm a little bit jealous BUT then I remember who I am making my cards & blogging for...ME. I have a few faithful followers who comment all the time but most of the names on my followers list are just that...names...I never hear from them. And then a bright light like you comes along & makes my day with a great comment. THANKS!
#3...design teams. I have been on 2 design teams for small companies & both are digital sites. I had a look at your cards & they are lovely! Do you colour images at all? Most DT that I know of want you to colour their images & show them off. I have been turned down for a few DT I applied for but it didn't stop me. My first DT spot was at Beccy's Place...Beccy is awesome to work with....apply there! I will tell you a little secret though...I find DT take some of the fun out of making cards....I don't like deadlines very much! lol
I hope you give up blogging....I just found you....you can't quit now!
Hugs, Renee

Renee B. said...

oops, that should say I hope you DON'T give up blogging!

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Hi Dori, thanks for the blog visit and great comment. I definitely understand your frustrations with blogging and sharing....I have them often!! I tend to go in spurts, doing really well with blogging and challenges....then kinda taking a "break". It's a huge amount of work and effort. Plus you have to check back. I think maybe if you do it as time allows for your own situation, it can be more on YOUR terms and become more enjoyable for you. At the very least, get your crafting time as you need or want it!! It's a huge struggle with LIFE and I feel your pain but I hope you can find some inspiration, motivation and balance with it all! (If you find the secret, please let me know too!) ;)