Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Morning Coffee Cafe

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Saturday Morning Coffee Cafe. If you are new to the blog, this is a weekly round up of things that have caught my attention around the web-i-verse during this past week. There's no rhyme or reason to what I choose. We'll talk about some food and recipes, some back page and front page news items, blogs I've enjoyed reading, amazing crafts and finally we'll end with a picture of the week. (If you are a return visitor to the blog, this used to be called "Saturday Morning Coffee Thoughts" Just a minor little title change.)

Ok, so grab your coffee or warm beverage of choice and let's see what's been going on this week.

One of my favorite salads when I go to Panera Bread for lunch is the Greek Salad. I just love the tanginess and saltiness of the olives, tomatoes and feta cheese with the vinaigrette. So when I saw this recipe for Greek Inspired Chicken Nachos I knew it would go on my "party appetizers" list as well as to possibly a great idea for a simple lunch or dinner.

I may have actually drooled just a little when I saw these Salted Caramel Cookie Bites. It pretty much has two of my favorite things: saltiness, and sweetness wrapped up in one "almost" guilt free tiny bite. You should totally make these this weekend. Your kids will think YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!

This Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole looks like a great and easy weeknight dinner. I am always looking for recipes that are "in the oven" and done. I love the idea of the potato cakes on top. Will definitely be putting this on my menu next week.

As always it's been a busy week in the news. Lots of chatter about President Obama's new climate plan, discovery of parts of the MH370 plane, and the wildfires in California. Flooding in India and another typhoon in the Pacific. Oh, and I guess this "Donald Trump for President" is a thing.... seriously?!
I dug around a little deeper, as I always do and found a few more stories that you might enjoy:

I will fully admit that I've never seen "The Daily Show." I know....I know...this is tantamount to personal failure on an epic level. Still, even I know that Jon Stewart's Retirement from that show is HUGE! So for those who watched and enjoyed him on a regular basis, I offer big hugs and wishes for fond farewells.

It's been 70 years since the Bombing of Hiroshima. The debate as to whether it was the right decision to end the war or just senseless murder of thousands of innocent people will continue, I suspect, for another 70 years. It is important, however to take a moment and recognize its place in history.

I'm not sure the world will ever get over the tragic death of Cecil the Lion. Isn't it funny, though how mankind can mourn the death of creature that could just as easily have killed a human...and never thought twice about it? Compassion is a human's single greatest and most unique quality. There are so many endangered animals in the world and I applaud the Empire State Building's Pictorial Display of all of them.

I blog and I love to share what I've created, my thoughts and recipes. I also love to see what other people are blogging about. I found great comfort and inspiration in this beautiful post by Britni: What is My Purpose Today?

Mari shared a wonderful blog about how we all  Live with Worry in our daily lives and that it is ok to accept that worry because it can motivate us to make changes and push forward to solutions needed to make our lives better. This post spoke to me on a very personal level this week, and I'm so happy I found it.

A new school year is fast approaching. If you have a child entering a new school this year, you should read this wonderful post Raki wrote about Preparing for a New School. She has some practical, easy and useful ideas to make this scary transition for kids a more pleasant process.

I found two beautiful cards this week in my travels through "card challenge" land. Fellow crafters will understand what this means.

"For You" by Barbara Bruder at
Art and Soul Creations

"Coral Butterfly" by Andrea at
Savvy Handmade Cards

A couple of last random thoughts before I go.

I found this article connecting picky eaters with warning signs of mental health problems informative, and kinda terrifying at the same time

You knew it was coming...another iPhone. Supposedly in September. Remember when that used to be exciting? I don't know about you; but now I kinda feel like it's become a bit predictable and trite, you know...another day...another iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone. My 5c works great and does every thing I need. I don't feel the need to chase the "Apple Train"

For all you mystery buffs out there, apparently there is a formula to crack Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries

Finally, your picture of the week, which is actually a Gif I found on Pinterest. Click the caption to visit the blog to see some more amazing moon photography.

Blue Moon found on Aspundir Blog

Until next time....


Barbara Bruder said...

Hi Dori, I love your blog. So refreshing to read and the articles you highlight are wonderful and thought provoking. Thanks so so much for highlighting my card and sharing my blog address, I appreciate that so much.

Unknown said...

Great share doll! Thanks again for support following via email :)

Andrea W said...

Thanks for featuring my card! I enjoyed reading your post and may have to try making some Salted Caramel Cookie Bites, yum.

joannabri said...

Thank you for featuring my sloppy joe tater tot casserole! Loved your post, gave me lot's of think about. :-)