Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Morning Coffee Cafe

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to this week's Saturday Morning Coffee Cafe. I hope you all had a good week. Ours was busy with the first full week of school and the end of lazy summer days. Lots of great recipes and fun stuff around the webiverse this week. Grab your coffee and let's see what's been happening.


--So many delicious recipes that people shared this week! These were my favorites. Stop by and visit these talented people and if you can give a recipe a try!

1. Pizza Stuffed Chicken: By Stacie at Simply Stacie
2. Turkey and Cheddar Pinwheels: by Kim at Today's Creative Life
3. Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo: by Leanne at Urban Girl Bakes
4. 12 chocolate desserts: by Summer at Summer Scraps
5. Cupcake Brownie with Funnel Cake and Caramel Sauce: found at "A Worthey Read"


--Wow! What a busy news week! Another shooting in Ferguson, MO...this time a 9 year old girl. (So sad!) The tragedy of the reporters killed in Virginia during a LIVE broadcast. An Airshow disaster in West Sussex England, Heroes on the train in Amsterdam. Greece gets a new female PM. The stock market was up and down and all around and will Joe Biden put his hat in the Presidential Campaign ring or not?

A few other interesting news stories to share as well:

-- This nurse was in a car accident and then set all the bones in her broken leg: BY. HERSELF!! So, she pretty much wins the "Totally Incredible" award for the week.
-- Another awesome medical story is this one about the little boy who received two brand new hands through a transplant.  Seriously? The things medicine can accomplish these days...WORD!
-- This article about What Every Successful Person Knows  featuring "This American's Life's" Ira Glass is a fantastic read and so very true! I've included the sound clip here for you as well.

Pinterest Favorites:

--New to the Coffee Cafe this week is "Pinterest Favorites" this will take the place of  "Blogs and Cards" for right now.  These are things that have caught my eye through my strolls down "Pinterest Lane" this week:

Even though summer is coming to an end, I love this casual little summer outfit for my teenage daughter!

Casual Summer Look found at Polyvore

I created a card that I will be sharing on Tuesday using this fabulous color palette! 

Great blog about letting go of sentimental objects to help cut down on clutter in your home. 

Finally, my favorite card for the week is this uniquely designed card by Jackie at "Just Stamp It" 


-- Finally, I leave you with a few random thoughts and stories: 

I read this book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and then I read this story about a dog with terminal cancer seeing the ocean for the first time.  and then basically I was a hot ugly crying mess for about 30 minutes!!

-- This PTA Fundraiser Slip is quite possibly the BEST. THING. EVER!!  I understand it costs money to keep schools going...but I stopped making my kids participate in fundraising a long time ago. I don't ask for money from other people and I don't give money either. This, however? This I would TOTALLY do!!

--Some lawmaker in Montana wants to make Yoga Pants Illegal! Saying that they fall under the "indecent exposure" category. Are you rolling your eyes yet?!
This article highlights things that should be made illegal long before yoga pants! My opinion? Whatever, Mr. Montana Lawmaker--go birth a baby (or two or three) and then come back and talk to me about yoga pants. I've EARNED my right to wear yoga pants! 


That is all for me this week! Until next time...

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