Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Morning Coffee Thoughts

Hi Everyone!

I don't know about you; but this week seem to just fly right by me! It seems I was very busy with domestic things and mom things and school things and... today's a busy day too! Phew...I am definitely looking forward to a nice relaxing Mother's Day tomorrow!

Grab your morning beverages and let's see what's been happening this week!

There were so many yummy things people shared in the blogosphere this week that I had a hard time just choosing my normal three!

--These Homemade Churros brought back wonderful memories of my Spanish teacher making churros for our class on special Mexican and Spanish holidays.

-- For me, anything that has a crunchy outside and a warm soft inside is really hard to beat. There is just something about those different temperatures and textures in your mouth all at one time... yum yum!! This Crispy Ravioli recipe looks easy and delicious!

-- I know that eating one of  these Sweet and Salty Caramel Brownies would probably require that I spend about 52 hours at the gym...but OMG, it would TOTALLY be worth it!!

--This One Pot BBQ Chicken Pasta intrigued me on many levels; but most of all...ONE POT, people...ONE POT!!

In the news this week, the big story, of course, was the arrival of Princess Charlotte in all her little pink glory! What a wonderful Mother's Day present for Kate!  Election in the UK, and continued relief efforts for the earthquake in Nepal.  As always, I dug a little deeper in the back pages to find a few more interesting stories for you:

-- The lesson from this Florida couple arrested for having Sex on the Beach? Next time you get an urge like this, order the drink instead and then take them back to your, close the door and drink them....or don't!!!

-- Whatever you do, don't get on the wrong side of this 95 year old WWII Veteran who proved himself more than capable of some awesome self defense when he fought off an attacker with his cane! Age is only a number, kids...remember that!!

--The beautiful weather outside should provide you the perfect backdrop for you to Instagram your bare feet in support of Tom's Shoes #WithoutShoes campaign to give shoes those in need. I took my picture...with the help of Toby!

The more I blog, the more I have the chance to see and read the other great stories people are sharing. I love when people come and read what I've shared, so I try to get around to as many people as I can during the week as well.

-- Lisa over at "Fun Money Mom" shared a unique perspective on the  Truth About High Heels and Wine that will have you shopping for both in no time!

-- Kate from "Organized Dream" shared a great list of advice about Make up habits to break. Phew...I was so happy I wasn't guilty of any of them!

That's about all for this week. A little shorter than my normal "Coffee Thoughts" posts; but, as I said, it's been a busy week! I leave you with a personal picture for your photo of the week of my Mother and I in honor of Mother's Day.

I look at this photo and I think, "Wow...what a journey we were starting together!" A journey that would take us through laughter and joy; through fun and simple times shared together as well as hard conversations and tears about life and growing up. A journey of learning and navigating the waters together of this vast sea known as "motherhood and childhood"  There were a few storms along the way for sure; but I know with every thing inside of me that the lessons I needed to become the mother I am today began with this picture.

Until next time...

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