Saturday, July 9, 2011

The World is a Beautiful Place

Hi Everyone!
Well, as you can see I've once again made a few changes with the blog here, including a title change. What do you think? I'm struggling a bit with a new title, so don't be surprised if you see it change again! Anyhow, I'm hoping to branch out a bit and share some non-crafting items, stories and life experiences with all of you as well. Don't worry though, I'm still crafting and will still be sharing my crafty creations with you as well.
Being in The Marine Corps has allowed us to travel to and live in some of the most beautiful places in the world. With stunning scenery, and breathtaking views very often in our own backyard, we have often been amazed with the wonders of the world around us. Each location has given us an unobstructed view into an art gallery of God's greatest canvases. The South East Botanical Gardens and Peace Prayer Park in Okinawa were more extraordinary in person than a photo could ever interpret. There is a peace and tranquility that comes with visiting beautiful places such as these. They almost force you to forget any worries you may have in life at the moment, and just simply breath for a moment.
As I walked the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI last year, I remembering thinking how lucky I felt to be able to walk along this path with these extraordinary views and historical homes. I imagined and wondered how much it had changed since the original residents of those mansions had used it to travel from one dwelling to the next. Did they see the views and marvel in the beauty around them as I was, or were they just wishing to get to their destination with punctuality and promptness? Perhaps they took it for granted, much as we often take beautiful things for granted as well.
I have learned over the years in my journeys around this great world that life is crazy, busy and demanding. We are all on schedules, whether they be for our families, our careers or both. Soccer games, business travel, laundry, cooking, PTA meetings and school work often prevent us from just stopping and looking at the world around us. That is a shame, and I really do believe we should all strive to take a little more time to appreciate that the world really is a beautiful place.

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