Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoes for Our Journey

As a mom, I'm sure many of you can relate to the ever present supply of shoes that are constantly in disarray around my house. As well, I'm sure many of you get just as frustrated as I at trying to to move them to more "out of the way" locations or even trying to actually get someone to put them away!
Yesterday, however I found myself actually smiling at the collection of shoes scattered throughout the living room; and no they were not just flip flops. There were boots, and tennis shoes and sandals as well. I looked at them and realized that each pair of shoes represents the feet both big and small that have taken the steps throughout our journey as a family. We have walked in many wonderful places experiencing happy times, Amusement and Wildlife Parks, in the sand at the beach, and in the snow at Christmas time. Sometimes, we've walked together and sometimes we've had to walk separately through times of deployment, and the necessities of setting up new homes in new places.
I looked at the kid's shoes and remembered the first steps that began their journeys down the road of life. And yet, I also realize how many steps they all still have to take. I know that one day their steps will take them away from our home to what I hope are wonderful and magical places with people they love. One day, (probably sooner than I want) they will have their own homes with new little feet and shoes to begin new journeys.
For now though, no matter where we go, either together or apart, there is a truth that remains constant... Eventually, all the feet and shoes end up back in my house and that makes me an extremely happy mom!

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