Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

Well. another week has come and gone in our favorite city of Port Charles. Let's dish shall we?

--So what will it be do you think? JASAM, LL2 or LIASON? Have I mentioned before that I really am a Liason fan? I have to admit however, that the scenes with Jason and Sam as well as Lucky and Elizabeth were nice to see. I really hope, however that they do something different with the characters and the relationship than the last time they were together
--Did you see that little spark between Olivia and Sonny?
--I think that Ric has finally come into his dark side.
--Can you really picture Claudia as a Mom?
--I know that it sounds like Sonny has so many children; but when you stop and think about it, he really only has 3: Morgan, Kristina, Dante(which he doesn't know about) and then possibly this baby with Claudia.
--I really hope that Spinelli and Maxie figure out a way to be friends again, because I really don't think I like Spinelli being mean to anyone, not even Maxie.
--Who do you think the Crimson Sabatoger is?
--So Ethan isn't Luke's son. Can't quite decide if that's good or bad. Definitely a good thing as it relates to a possible Lulu/Ethan union. However, I have to admit he really is too much like Luke to not have Spencer in him.
--Personally, I think that Lucky is being a bit immature about the whole Ethan thing.
--Once again, not envious of Carly's position with the whole Michael situation.
--Kudos to Jason for telling Carly the truth. She's is mom and deserves to know and to be the one to make the decison.
--I don't envy Claudia in that waiting room.
--Why doesn't anybody knock when they walk into one of the rooms above Kelly's?

Now, what's going on around the net and in the magazines.

--The biggest news this week that I've heard is that the new Morgan and Kristina have both been cast. (pictured here) Lexi Answorth will play the new 16 year old Kristina and Morgan , who is being aged to 12 will be played by Aaron Refvem. Both of these young actors are new to daytime; but have impressive primetime experience, including Grey's Anatomy, The Cleaner and Gilmore Girls.
--You'll see "more" of Max and Diane than you ever thought you would!
--Edward and Rebecca have a heartfelt moment.
--Claudia has more reason than ever to hope that Michael survives. Ric declares that he will tell Sonny the
truth if Michael dies.
--GHH is reporting that Rick Hearst (Ric) will be leaving the show. His last airdate will be sometime in the latter part of June. Rumor has it that Ric will be returning to "The Bold and the Beautiful"
--Jason will confront Claudia about Michael
--Holly gives Luke conflicting information.
--Despite any rumors, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is not leaving GH
--Tony Geary (Luke) will be leaving for his annual vacation soon; but he has taped episodes that will air at least until the middle of June.
--The casting is still in full swing for Dante. Apparently right now, another name being tossed around is EJ Bonilla (Rafe, GL). It does not appear as thoughTom Pelphry or David Lago will be stepping into the role, however.
--I have to say that I agree with the ABC SID issue that pointed out that it would be nice if someone actually gambled at the Haunted Star every once in a while. At this point, I think that Kelly's is probably doing better business than the Haunted Star!
--Kristina will be in trouble a lot. Especially when she makes eyes for Jason!
--Emmy noms will be announced May 14th
--Remember all pictures are courtesy of GHOFS.

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Jennifer Talley said...

As always, thanks for the GH Update and scoops! I watched yesterday's episode and saw the new Morgan. I hate when the age the kids. Kristina is being aged to 16??? Blah. Guess we will have to wait and see. Looking forward to more of your updates!