Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday GH chatter:

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--Leave it to Maxie to annoy Jason enough to snap him right back to a conscious state!
--So what do you think? Claudia's baby: Ric or Sonny's.
--I actually kinda wish we hadn't seen the new Michael yet. I wish they would have waited until he woke up
--I thought the intervention with Robin was good. I think that KM and JT were great in that scene. I've really liked them during this storyline. I think they've both done some great acting.
--Did you catch the part where Sonny called Jax a "big Dingo"!
--Speaking of Jax and Sonny. Wowzer, never saw the punch coming, did you? Sometimes the intensity between them is so real, I wonder if Ingo and Maurice really are friends. I'm sure they are...
--I was a bit disappointed with the Liz/Nikolas kiss. I was actually looking forward to it; but it was so completely "high school drama" that I felt like I was watching an old episode of 90210!
--Still, I have to admit that Liz and Nikolas at Jake's together was a bit more amusing and intriguing. I'd never really thought about them before; but I have to tell you I could see that seed planted.
--Not really sure how I feel about the whole Rebecca/Lucky kiss. I have to admit it was a bit wierd, what did you guys think?
--I'm glad to see Matt being utilized more. I think he's a good addition to the story and I really hope they give him some more substantial story soon.
--So, what do you all think about Ethan? Ok, besides the fact that he needs a haircut. Do you really think Holly is his mom? I don't know if Luke is his Dad; but at least we know that he's not Sonny's kid! Personally, I think he ought to be Coleman's kid!
--Speaking of Coleman, I loved the fact that he referred to Rebecca as "Emily the sequel chick"

News from around the Net

--Martha Byrne who played Lily on ATWT is coming to GH. She will be playing Andrea, Mayor Floyd's wife.
--Maxie and Lulu try to reconstruct their friendship.
--Kelly Monaco's (Sam) was home when intruders broke into her Las Vegas home. She was not harmed during the robbery...thank goodness!
--Look for Sonny's house to get a remodeled look in the near future as Claudia dives into redecorating it.
--Johnny and Olivia? Maybe...
--Whose baby will live and whose will die?
--Lucky and Liz clarify a few things and come to a decision
--Maxie doesn't get rescued by the one she wants...or does she?
--Somebody tries to bribe Rebecca to leave, much to Nikolas disappointment.
--Patrick will perform Michael's surgery; but the prognosis is grim.
--Kate has a secret and Spinelli discovers what it is.
--Robert Scorpio will probably make an appearance in conjunction with the Ethan story; but not for a while.
--Matt assists Patrick in Michael's surgery.
--Sonny and Carly share a touching moment during Michael's surgery.
--Michael remembers more than people think.
--Luke gets the DNA results; but thinks Tracy has tampered with them.
--Who is leaking top secret info about Crimson photo shoots?
--RUMOR has it that the mystery birth certificate that Helena has is Holly's, which means that if Ethan is Luke's son, Luke is the father of a Cassadine! (again, just a rumor!)
--Could Stephan be returning? Now that SN is no longer on DOOL? again another rumor!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the info on GH...I didn't get to watch this week. Now, I am all caught up : )

Jennifer Talley said...

Thanks for the update and sneak peeks. I don't know about you, but I am not looking forward to new older Micheal. I hate when they age the kids! Ugh, I guess we will have to wait and see how this goes....

}, 10)