Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recipe Thursday: Golden Chicken

Good Morning!
It's bright and early and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee while I catch up on some of my missed tv shows from this week online. I haven't posted a recipe in a couple of weeks so I thought I would jump right back in with a yummy chicken recipe I made last night. It was one of those recipes that just kinda popped out of my head and was easy easy peasy! So, if you're looking for something quick for dinner tonight, give it a try.


2-3 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless (you will split them so you will end up with 4-6)
1 can cream of chicken soup
Grated Italian Cheese (about a cup)
Seasonings of choice. (I chose S/P, garlic powder, Cumin and Paprika)


Heat oven to 375
Butterfly and split the chicken breasts to make them a bit thinner. It will keep the chicken moister when it cooks.
Make sure the chicken is dry and put it in lightly greased pan or baking sheet.
Season the chicken with your seasonings of choice.
Cook the chicken for about 20 minutes.
While the chicken is cooking heat up the can of soup on the stove just to simmer. (You may need some water to thin it out a bit)
After 20 minutes take the chicken out and spoon some soup over each breast and sprinkle with cheese.
Return to the oven and finish cooking about 15-20 minutes until chicken is done

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Becky said...

Sounds delicious. I wasnt hungry until I read this. :)