Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday GH Chatter

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Yes, it has been a while since I've posted a GH column. So much blogging to do, so little time!!
Don't worry though, I have been watching and I'm back to give all the scoops and news I can as well as to insert my opinions good and bad. Please feel free to comment. I love to read what everyone else is thinking about as well.

--I am glad to see Alexis involved in the Rebecca storyline. I like it when Alexis has a bit of oomph to herI also enjoyed the scenes with her and Robin down on the docks.
--Always always enjoy scenes with Luke and Sonny. Two powerhouse actors, you just can't go wrong.
--Why did Claudia tell Sonny she hopes he finds Jerry because Jerry will prove that she's being truthful? He will? Really? Because that's not the way I understand the situation? Anyone else confused about that?!
--Speaking of Claudia: "My oh my what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"
--Helena and Luke scenes: Kinda Eerie, kinda riveting!
--Great to see Hells back. Although I have to admit, I really would have liked to see her and Anthony Z in a scene or two together. Still, a scene with Claudia and Helena would do nicely as well.
--So, Luke wants Ethan to be his son...does that mean he's admitting to stepping out on Laura?
--Drama with babies, drama with pregnancy, drama with Mamas!! Can't we just have a happy baby and a happy family!
--Sometimes I'm amazed by Sonny's moral contradictions: Save the baby, love the baby...kill the baby's mama!
--Did you see the look on Jason's face when Sonny told him Claudia's pregnant? Priceless!!
--Wonder if Alexis will tell Sonny she saw Jerry in his own house!
--I was touched by Patrick's scene with Robin in therapy.
--Glad to see Sonny genuinely happy for Carly's pregnancy.
--Surely I was not the only one who laughed out loud when Sam was talking to Jason after he told her about Claudia's pregnacy. My favorite line was "he can't be around anyone for 5 minutes before he impregnates them!" Thought I was going to pee my pants!!
--Little confused why Alexis chose to go with Jerry in the ambulance. Does she really hate Jason more than Jerry?
--Good analogy that Alexis made about Carly and Jason compared to her and Jax.

Scoops and News:

--Nikolas/Liz share a kiss. Guess who sees it?
--Look for Milo and Max to provide some comic relief to some very stressful situations.
--Maxie schemes and fails again
--Sonny and Jax once again square off over Carly
--Jason keeps a secret from Sonny
--Dante will arrive in town sometime mid July. No word on casting yet though.
--SORASED Kristina will arrive mid June and Morgan's being SORASed to 12.
--Emma Samms returns as Holly, with long hair no less!
--Robin attends group therapy with other PSD moms. (played by real PSD moms)
--Rumor: Michael will connect the most with Kristina
--Could Michael's recovery be a Jason Morgan in reverse? Look for the Q's to have major influence on his recovery. Michael's reaction to them may surprise many.
--Billy Dee Williams will reprise his NS role of Touissant, sure to set Epiphany's heart a flutter once more.
--Winnie will return as well.
--Jax will find out about the dangers associated with Carly's pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I love your blog! Stampin and GH! How cool!

Jennifer Talley said...

Thanks so much for your scoops! I hadn't heard most of these! Looking foward to seeing this stuff play out.