Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The all day enchilada!

Who knew 3x3 cards could take so long to make! This was my submission for the SCS TLC 171 challenge. For this challenge we were to make a group of 3x3 cards along with the envelopes and a box for them. In short...the whole enchilada. Well, this project started at 8:30 last night (cutting paper during Deadliest Catch) and am now just finishing today at 3:30!! It really wasn't the cards that were hard. The hardest part were the envelopes. My printer doesn't print on SU paper, so I had to print the template given on SCS and then cut that out and then trace it onto my cardstock and then cut that out. Trust me when I tell you, I am not the world's straightest cutter...not even close. After making two of them, I gave up and decided if I decide to give these to someone, I'll order 3x3 envelopes. Then it was time to move on to the box, which also was fairly straight forward (except for the crooked cutting dilemma again!) I got it put together, and then spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to keep it closed! I finally came up with a solution long enough to take a picture; but trust me it isn't pretty on the other side of the picture! My conclusion after finishing this challenge is that from now, I think I need to steer clear of ones that require more than a single card in the end!
The recipe for the cards is long and extensive. In short, I used Mellow Moss, Ruby Red, So Saffron and navy (non SU)paper. The stamps were Polk dots and Petals and the Riveting set (an old hostess set)
Needless to say, I did not complete the SCS sketch challenge or the diagonal double pocket card tutorial.
Will try to tackle those tomorrow. My stampin mojo has definitely run out for the day!
I did, however, have a chance to watch GH this morning. So, what do you think? Is this whole Sonny giving up the mob real or not? Was Rick right yesterday when he said that it was all a smoke screen? It's odd to see Jason and Sonny on the outs, it's almost like the end of a supercouple!!
I am also really liking the scenes with Claudia and Nikolas. I think they have great chemistry together and am anxious to see how they interact together outside of the doomed halls of Wyndmere; and how nurse Nadine will fit in, if indeed she does at all anymore. I'm done with Carly and Jax fighting also. They need to figure out a way to either work it out or move on. I could go on for a lot longer about the happenings of Port Charles; but domestic duties call. Have a fabulous evening everyone and thanks for visiting with me!

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