Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Copic Color Page and Combos

Hi Everyone!

One of the things I've been working on in addition to card making is just some relaxing coloring. I have one book that I'm currently making my way through at the moment, alternating between pages colored with Prismacolor pencils and pages colored with Copic Markers.
Now, I know this whole coloring book business is supposed to be relaxing and care-free and for me it is very relaxing. Still, the crafter and color coordinator in me can't just randomly color. There has to be planning involved. I know I'm not alone in this! I have been putting together some different Copic color combinations based on some color combos for other mediums that I have found on Pinterest and other places. I came up with some whimsical names for the combos because, let's face it...color combos are just so boring when you all you call them is "color combos"

So what I normally do is come up with 8-10 color combos and then plot them out on the page with little post it tape pieces. Planning this way actually helps the process of the actual coloring be more relaxing. Here is the final picture completed.

Here are the color combos I used. On a side note...I'm still trying to figure out the best way to group the photos together, so right now they're a little bit wonky. Sorry about that!

That is all for me today! Have a great day and I will see you all again soon!

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