Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 days of Christmas: Finishing Up

Hi Everyone!!

Well, I decided to do something a bit different with the rest of the cards that I want to share with all of you for the rest of the 25 days of Christmas series that I've been doing. With the big holiday right around the corner, I am swamped with shopping and wrapping and family things as are so many of you I am sure. So, I am going to post the remainder of the cards here in this post. The pictures below are for Days 19-24. Now, you'll notice that Day 25 is missing. I did. A day 25. I really really did; but then I mailed it before I photographed it!! D'uh! So, you'll just have to take my word for it.
So, that is going to wrap up my blogging for this year. I am going to enjoy the rest of my holiday season and I hope you all do the same! Merry Christmas to all of you and I'll see you again the first week or so in January! Please be sure to visit Kristina's website one more time where you can see all the inspiration for these final cards.
Day 19: Sparkle and Cheer

Day 20: Noel

Day 21: Peace
Day 22: Joy, Love, Peace
Day 23: Merry Christmas
Day 24: Happy Hollydays.


Kristina Werner said...

Yay! They all look great! :)

Broni said...

Wow! What wonderful cards!!!

Carolyn King said...

beautiful cards!