Saturday, August 20, 2011

King Toby Shelton

In January 2007, my delightful husband went to the store to get bread and milk. THREE HOURS LATER, he called me and this is the conversation we had:

Me: Where are you? I thought you were only going to get bread and milk.

Jim: Well, I took a little detour.

Me: Ok....

Jim: I think we need to get a dog.

This is where silence ensued for a good 30 seconds....

Me: You're at the pound getting a dog, aren't you?!

Jim: No, I am not....

Me: uh huh, why don't I believe you?

Jim: 'cause I'm not at the pound anymore, I'm pulling in the driveway.

Me: With a dog?

Jim: Maybe....

Needless to say, I was not surprised at this point when the front door opened and in walked my husband with what was to become the newest member of our family!
It took less than 30minutes for Tyler to name him Toby, Reagan to fall in love with him and Jonathan to give his seal of approval as well.

Now as the picture clearly indicates, since becoming part of our family 4 years ago, Toby Nikolas Shelton has been living LIKE A KING!! I am sure, you all wish now that you could be as lucky as Toby here. I know you all wish you could lead the pampered life of leisure that he has so obviously mastered.
Well, all I can say to that is....
yeah, me too!!

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cheryl said...

oh hun how adorable is toby bless his heart just like my 2 westies,they sleep with me too,he he what would we do without them,hugs cherylxxx

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