Thursday, November 5, 2009

Out with the Old...

Good Morning!

I am happy to report that Tyler was able to return to school today and everyone else in the house seems to be fairly healthy as well. I do have a card to share today and I will post it in a little while. First, however I wanted to take a bit of time this morning and talk about some other things. I've never really made a big deal about being a SU demo, simply because my blog is not an SU only blog and I tried to keep the two separate. Now, as many of you know SU recently came out with a new demo agreement that they wanted demos to sign. If you are a demo, you already know the particulars of that agreement. If you are not, then it doesn't really matter. Suffice it to say that I have decided not to sign the new IDA. I had been actually thinking of not continuing being a demo anyhow for a variety of other personal reasons and this just made the decision that much easier.
As such I am now going to sell some of my SU stamp sets that I no longer use or have an interest in. There is so much other merchandise from other manufacturers that I would like to have; but I really need to clear some space in my craft room. So far I am only listing stamp sets; but I may decided to add some accessories and paper later. If you are interested in purchasing any of these sets that I have listed, please send me an email at and let me know the set(s) you would like. If you need to see a picture of the set, let me know and I will get one to you via email. I will accept paypal or personal check. Payments must be received before I send the merchandise. All packages will be sent in flat rate envelopes or boxes through USPS. If you purchase $25 or more, I will pay the postage fee.

Thanks Everyone!

$5.00 sets:

"A Little Yummy"
"Polka Dot Punches"
"Echoes of Kindness"
"Terrific Tags" (remounted on cling foam)
"Kanji" (remounted on cling foam)
"Noteworthy" (remounted on cling foam)
"Little Notes" (remounted on cling foam)
"Delightful Doodles" (remounted on cling foam)
"Gently Falling" (remounted on cling foam)
"Around the Block" (remounted on cling foam)
"Flowers of Gratitude" (remounted on cling foam"
"Birthday Whimsy"

$7.00 sets

"Smorgasborders" (remounted on Cling Foam)
"Fine Print" (remounted on Cling Foam)
"Best Blossoms" (remounted on cling foam)
"Sweet and Sassy" (remounted on cling foam)
"Darling Dots"

$10.00 sets

"Puns from the Past"
"Sip by Sip"
"Heartfelt Thanks"

$12.00 sets

"Simply Said"

Background Stamps: $13.50 each

Print Pattern


Ginny said...

glad to hear that Tyler is feeling better...good luck with the sale and hope you make enuf money to buy new stash ;0) lol

Payne Holler Cards said...

glad to hear Tyler is doing better..I had to make the same decision with SU also..put some stamps on Ebay but it is now swamped with so many now wanting to wishes on selling yours! sad they made those changes, I love their products and still dont get their reasoning, oh well!!! moving on ...LOL